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  • APPLICATIONS have closed for the main annual round to apply to be a psychiatric registrar starting in Dec 2018, or later in 2019, but there are still other options for later applications - Info here
  • New! a Memo about submitting your PWC (Psychotherapy Written Case) - practicalities, proof-reading, etc.
  • New! extra resources about the Scholarly Project are on our website page for the SP
  • New! Memo about the maximum amount of leave trainees can take in a run
  • New! A revamped Guide to the Certificate Programmes & starting Stage 3 - now with details about all the Certificates, covering what's involved and how to apply. Song did most of this and prompted the new and improved version, with help from me.
  • New! Hi all - some info about getting support if you need it. Obvious places to turn are your supervisor, your mentor if you have one, your local Training Facilitator, or me. For those working for ADHB there's a "wellbeing" link (only works if you’re on the intranet in ADHB), and any of you can contact the college's support system. Finally, you can arrange several free counselling sessions via MPS or MAS by calling this free number - it's a nationwide system, and confidential. 
  • New! Practical advice when you're about to start your psychodynamic psychotherapy case - is here
  • mnemonic to help with the CEQ (Essay) 
  • For when you're doing intensive studying with writing/mousing etc. Here's a link to a Youtube vid about hand and wrist stretches to stop you getting strain injuries and cramp (you won't be able to play it on a work IE browser, but can at home or if you have any other browser on your profile, like Firefox or Chrome). Here's a briefer reminder card of exercises to print and stick on your wall.
  • The Unofficial Guide to RANZCP Assessments (written by trainees, for trainees)
  • A local Auckland Guide to achieving the CBT EPA of Stage 2
  • Collated EPAs that 1st years can do - with some local Auckland/NZ notes and suggestions
  • Optional consent form to record short cases for DOPS and supervisor feedback (NB: NOT to be used for the PWC - intended for cases such as those for the Stage 2 CBT or Supportive Therapy EPAs)
  • Optional 360-degree feedback tool you can use for training tasks requiring team feedback. NB: this is NOT a WBA or an official College form. It can be used as part of general feedback obtained during a run to help you achieve any EPA or Targeted Learning program that requires MDT feedback. In the last third of the run, print the form and arrange with your supervisor for it to be completed by about 6 MDT members you've worked with - rate yourself too. Ideally, include a range of professions, and all supervisors (clinical and 1:1) you worked with. Once forms are collected near end of run, review feedback with your main supervisor as part of assessing progress with an EPA or TL program. Again, this is NOT a WBA and you still need 3 actual WBAs for each EPA.
  • Memo about the College Training Trajectory - the revised rules about deadlines explained
  • WBA and ITA form links are now updated on the 2012 Documents and Forms page above - all are now the new reader-extd versions and include DOPS
  • A Guide to planning EPAs through Training (set out with information for each Stage of Training, and examples)
    and the EPA-planner (use one page of this to plan your EPAs)

    For Transitioned Trainees - if you're unsure which parts of the 2012 Regulations tasks you have to do, check your College Database Report to see what's ticked off as already cross-credited from Transition
  • The Psychotherapy page of the website is now revised - see all the info there when preparing for your long case, and note that two key things to read are:
    Information for Psychotherapy Supervisors and Registrars about Psychotherapy requirements in the 2012 Regulations

    Psychotherapy Written Case - Main Details of the requirements extracted from the 2012 Regulations
  • Make sure to read the Trainee Newsletters when they come out each month - they cover important information as the 2012 Regulations are road tested and tweaked, and the last Stage 3 details sorted out.