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Continuing Education for Auckland Psychiatrists, SMOs and Registrars


At the moment there aren't any regular CME sessions running in Auckland on a monthly basis. 

If you're keen to get a regular CME programme going again and want to coordinate that, please email Felicity as below.  

If a visiting speaker is in the offing a general email will be sent around to the CME list. 
Email Felicity if you want your name to be added, or removed from the CME notification list.

The information on this page relates to local CME sessions in Auckland. If you're interested in the College's CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme, go here.

CPD Sessions

The College has launched numerous on-line CME modules on their website. You do need to be a College member to log-in and access these however
(i.e. a fellow, an affiliate, a CPD participant, a trainee, or an exemptions candidate). 

If you're an overseas psychiatrist and you'd like to explore becoming an affiliate of the College, contact the New Zealand National Office