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Training Website for Registrars

Sorry - we've had some technical problems with the Te Iho site (it got hacked!) so we've had to re-create it and have lost all the interactive bells and whistles I'm afraid. 

The site content was however saved and all the pages are contained in this pdf file, so you can still use this to meet the College's Maori Mental Health Training requirements.

    1. If you've already read the material saved from the website and done the required clinical tasks, and just need to complete the assessments, you can download the word file of the assessments here Assessments in WORD and once completed, you can email them to this email address for marking. 
    2. There are two clinical assessments. Firstly we ask that you talk to a Maori cultural worker or kaumatua about their role (see the Assessments document for details). Secondly, we ask that you write up one case history of a Maori patient who you assessed and treated. It's best to pick someone whose whanau were also involved and where you had at least one whanau meeting, and where a Maori cultural advisor was involved. Again, see the Assessments document for details about what we want in the case history.
    3. Again, here is a pdf file of all the pages extracted from the previous website which you can use to answer the assessment questions - use like a textbook.
    4. If you have been able to work in a Maori Clinical Team post during your training for at least 3 FTE months, then this is sufficient and you don't need to do the Te Iho assessments as well. However, you could still complete them in Advanced Training, as below.

    Advanced Trainees and doctors or other staff new to NZ:

    General Orientation:
    Anyone is welcome to read the pdf file and use it for general orientation to working in the mental health field in NZ, with Maori patients and their whanau. Some of the information is aimed at registrars, but much of the file will be useful to anyone.

    Using Te Iho to Achieve a Cultural Management Learning Goal
    (for Advanced Trainees):

    Advanced Trainees are welcome to use some of the Te Iho assessments (if they have not already completed these in Basic Training) to complete a planned Cultural Management Learning Goal. The most appropriate aspects of the assessments are the two Clinical Assessments.

    Exemption Candidates Required to Complete Indigenous Training Experience by the RANZCP:
    Exemption candidates are welcome to complete the Te Iho assessments to satisfy this College requirement. As above, please email the assessments to the address above for marking, once completed.

    - Dr Felicity Plunkett (Te Iho website admin)