1.      Contact the possible supervisors listed below, to see if any can offer you supervision. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know them. Call or email them all, not just those you may have met already. Email addresses and work phone no.s are readily available via the intranet, for all 3 DHBs in Auckland. In Whangarei, talk to Verity about local arrangements for psychotherapy supervision.

2.    Ask if your main supervising psychiatrist has experience and an interest in psychotherapy and could offer you this supervision. It does need to be in addition to your normal College supervision, however.

3.    Ask whether a psychologist on your team could assist. If they're not already aware of being accredited psychotherapy supervisors then drop Felicity an email to organise this.

3.      Or - if none of these options work out, email Felicity to see if an external supervisor can be funded. Make sure that you explain that you have tried all of these options as above, when requesting this, as this saves time.


(no guarantees they can take you on)


Psychodynamic Therapy – local psychiatrists or psychologists with an interest

Betsy Galloway

Rodney CMHCs, WDHB

Bianca Sava

Perinatal team, CMDHB

Chris Bampton

Kari Centre, ADHB

Cuauhtemoc Sandoval

Adult Community North, WDHB

Gail Fleming

Dual Disability team,  CMDHB

Igor Kacer

Cornwall House, ADHB (away currently – may be available again later in 2017)

Joy Hodgson

Maternal Mental Health, ADHB

King Yee Yong

Cornwall House CMHC, ADHB

Manish Parswani (clinical psychologist)

Tiaho Mai CMDHB

Rutger de Ridder

Segar House, ADHB

Sara Weeks

Lotofale Service, ADHB

Shane White

Adult Community West1, WDHB

Wes Dirkssen

Northland DHB (only for Northland trainees)






Other Modalities


CBT or Supportive Psychotherapy cases, or short cases in ST3

1.       See if a team member such as a psychologist can offer supervision.

2.       See list below, or check if there's a supervision group running in your DHB where registrars can have joint supervision.

3.       See if your main psychiatrist supervisor can manage a brief period of psychotherapy supervision.

4.       Contact Felicity if you try all this and have a patient but no supervisor.





Gail Fleming

Gavin Pilkington

John Berks

Manish Parswani

Tibi Csizmadia 
Trish van Kralingen

Dual Disability team CMDHB


Tiaho Mai CMDHB

Taylor Centre  ADHB

Supportive Therapy

(delivered in a Motivational Interviewing framework)

John Berks



 (if IPT is done for short cases in ST3)

Gary Cheung

MHSOP Greenlane ADHB

Grief Therapy

(if done as a type of Supportive Therapy, or for short cases in ST3)

Gary Cheung

MHSOP Greenlane ADHB


(Many other clinical psychologists have assisted with CBT or other short case psychotherapy and

most aren't listed here. All clincial psychologists employed within the DHBs are suitable as
short case supervisors so feel free to ask them.)



NB: The Therapeutic Alliance EPA doesn't require actual psychotherapy cases as such, but is about the psychological dimension to all of your clinical work. So that one is achieved by supervision discussions and WBAs with your main supervisor, about psychological formulations and understanding these aspects of your clinical work in general – defences, dynamics, transference, counter-transference, etc.  Doing therapy for your Psychodynamic Written Case helps your understanding of these issues, but the PWC by itself can't be used to sign off the Therapeutic Alliance EPA.