January–February 2018 Schedule for Initial Orientation Teaching Sessions – for new registrars to the programme

Note that some are pretty basic, in terms of any new 2nd or 3rd years, but the initial one about RANZCP training is crucial, and many of the others would still be useful to you as we cover local practices and systems, in terms of how things are done here. So you're all welcome to attend.

Timetable for these sessions:


9am – 12.30

1.30 – 5pm

11th January

Usual clinical work

Orientation to RANZCP Training (crucial for all)

- Felicity

18th January

Psychiatric Assessment

- Gary Cheung

Usual clinical work

25th January

Risk Assessment

- Felicity

Usual clinical work

1st February

Usual clinical work

Acute Psychiatry (relevant to on-call work)

- Felicity

8th February

Introduction to Antipsychotics

- Felicity  (note changed time!)

Usual clinical work

15th February


Usual clinical work

Usual clinical work (Felicity in Melbourne)

22nd February

Usual clinical work

Mental Health Act (& other key legislation) (also crucial for all)

- Felicity


All are on Thursdays, at our Training Centre in Greenlane, address and maps on the contacts page of our website http://www.psychtraining.org/contacts2.html - DO check this out as we're a bit hard to find if you haven't been before.

After these, the main academic programme starts up again - from Thurs 8th March for 1st years, and from Weds 7th March for those in the 2nd or 3rd year programmes.

You should let your supervisors know about attending these sessions, but I also email them all and send them the schedule, and ask that they facilitate your attending.

Allow yourself enough travel time and time to get a park – Auckland traffic isn't easy!

See you there - Felicity